Spaten has made history. After all, its 600-year tradition makes it the oldest existing brewery in Munich and one of the oldest in Germany. Spaten has been a leading exporter of German beer for more than a century. We played a crucial role in establishing the present superior worldwide reputation for German beer.

The Raw Materials

The special quality of our beers is a matter of great concern to us. That is why we only use raw materials of the highest quality to produce our beers. Malt lends beer its richness of flavor and its color. Malt for Spaten beers is obtained from barley grown primarily in Bavaria. We pay very close attention to the purity of its strain. Hops are the ‘soul’ of beer, lending the beer its distinctive bitter aroma. Our hops are grown in Hallertau situated north of Munich. They, too, are subject to stringent controls. Yeast supplies the fermentation that gives rise to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Spaten exclusively uses its own purebred strain of yeast. 90 percent of beer is made up of water. The water for our beers comes from our own deep wells and is especially noted for its purity.

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